How to Choose a Leather Weekend Bag

Whether planning a quick business trip or even a romantic getaway, a leather weekend bag is a great item to have. It is a convenient travel solution for carrying a reasonably high number of items with ease and since it can be fitted in the carry-on, the chance of losing track of it is minimal.

While buying a leather weekend bag, ensure that you get the genuine product. Lack of awareness will lead to paying for an item that is not durable. Real leather is long lasting and maintains the physical integrity for many decades. Because of the weight of the content to be potentially put in the bag, the strap is equally important in the long-term resilience. Ensure it is strong and if possible adjustable.

Ample Volume

Since the bag is meant to tote all your items for a weekend, ensure that it has sufficient space. For such trips, one requires at least two items of clothing, a variety of toiletries and an extra pair of shoes. A bag that is small in volume will have less functionality than it should. In addition, there should be compartments to separate the items. You definitely do not want perfume in the same section as a silk shirts or a snack if you choose to carry one. Moreover, there should be pockets fitted both on the inside and outside surface of the bags. They come in handy for keeping small items that you will need access to such as a cell phone or keys.

Solid Color Vs Print

Choose a weekend bag that looks great and will still be many years to come. Style will depend on personal preference. However, consider the events you will frequently use it in. For business purposes, it is good to have a bag in solid shades such as brown or black. Neutral colors will always look classy and will be appropriate for every occasion. For casual and fun weekends, choose a floral or animal print to add character to the functionality.

The Fine Points

Little details can further enhance your enjoyment of a leather weekend bag. True portability is the first purpose of the bag and so it is good to ensure that it can be carried with considerable ease. Consider the type of security’ that a bag gives by checking the zipper or buckle functionality. Make sure that the bag’s lining is not made of light fabric that will get torn easily or become dirty immediately. Most of all, take proper care of your bag because it will serve you for many, many years to come.

Marlondo leather now has provide an awesome leather duffle on their store.

Leather weekend bag

I think I am a dog (II)

Waking pass the new pet shop downstairs. I remember that I have not go into a pet shop ever, why not go in have a look ?

I saw “Grapefruit”–My cat’s name, he sat in a small cage along.

The girl in the pet shop said: “Grapefruit” followed her all the way when she went to work. After she finish the breakfirst and come out, “Grapefruit” still sat quitely behind the door, waiting for her, Instantly moved at that moment.

Then she took “Grapefruit” back to her store and deciede to find a good home for him.  She watch me carefully when we are talking.

- The cat is a not a fully domesticated animal, not very close to human,  different with dogs.

- If strangers come home, the cat will hide, they are different with dogs.

- Does not follow people, he play on his own, and the dog is different.

But none of those characters, belong to “Grapefruit”

I am Emotionally moving.  Please do not clinging to my thigh, please do not knock on the bathroom door, please do not sleep on my arm when I am watch TV. Remember, you are a cat.

But he turn a deaf ear to these words. When night comes, he sleep deeply on my quilt.  Maybe he think he is a dog. Who knows..

It is very difficult for us to know ourself, let along for a cat.

The girl in the pet shop come to my home one day, she told me her name is Mimi

Grapefruit climb on to Mimi’s body and grip her chest,  I feel very sorry: mimi please let Mimi’s mimi go !

I think I am a dog-11 I think I am a dog-12 I think I am a dog-13 I think I am a dog-14




I think I am a dog (I)

I think I am a dog 01

“How about keeping a cat ?”

I seat next to the fish tank, feeding the fish with my friend.

“But you already have fish yet, your fish are as fat as cats.””

“The fish is too introverted.”


“How about keeping a cat ?”

I ask Sam.

“Just so-so, you are so busy and always on business trips. You need a tough coachfellow …. Maybe a turtle ?”

“The turtle is too introverted.”

“You can tie colorful straps on their heads, blindfolded, and give them some small forks.

“No No.. I don’t like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, even they have abdominal muscle.


“Honestly,How about keeping a cat ?”

I didn’t give up.

“How a bout a Totoro for transition ?”

“I said I want a cat, but you ask me to keep a mouse ”

“Bout it is Totoro, you can ask him stand under the tree with an ornate umbrella.”

“Week up please !…. You watch too many Miyazaki Hayao”


Then I studied the life habit and emotions, the advantages and disadvantages and all the challenges of keeping a cat, studied the cat food, cat litter, and cat varieties, studied the application process of an cat adoption and the return visit frequency….At the last, I bought a novel about cats on ebay.

I kept asking quesions to the cat-keeper I know, finally every body can’t stand me…

“Marriage is not so complicated, divorce is not so cautious as keeping a cat, when will you take some actions instead of asking so many quetions ?

“But I am not a rash,impulsive person.” I answered when I seeing the cat novel.

“That is, you never move.”

I think I am a dog 2

I think I am a dog 3


David Brown Retro Speedback GT

David Brown Automotive has revealed its first product, A British dream car that blends modern technology with the styling of the iconic 1960s Gran Tourers of Aston Martin and Ferrari called the Speedback.
The car is designed and manufactured by a  british businessman and sports car enthusiast David Brown (not the David Brown in charge of Aston Martin ),  who has successful combine the engineering design and the passion of loving cars.

The Speedback GT looks like an old-school, but under the classic pretty sheet metal is a
a high-tech aluminum structure used on the Jaguar XK.  You’ll never connect the Speedback with Jaguar XK.
For loading with upscale, almost every assembly part inside and out has been swapped with bespoke pieces.

David Brown Speedback GT 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 10 11

Law of nature. Wolf.


I love wolves, admire their spirit . But I will not want to beg some organization to stop slaughter wolves. You love, you do.  You kill, you do.  They survival, they do. They die out, they do.  All are law of nature. But our future generations are sure to want to see, to learn, to touch the WOLVES, one of the intelligent animal on this planet.

Stop slaughter wolves 02 03 04 05 06